viernes, 8 de junio de 2012

my heroes

 Hero present

 Jesus of nazareth

My hero jesus of nazareth why , though born long ago gave his life for us that today we can be in the world, although not this the presence but he lives and reigns in my heart and all those who need help and protection. He is always there for us through the prayers and miracles.

Hero past

Juan Pablo II

My hero is Juan Pablo II why my hero is juan pablo II why he helped a much people needy in different country and so is worthy of admiration.

Hero community

Pedro Soscum Machado

My hero is Pedro Soscum Machado why through its program The Informative Satelite informs the audience about the news of the city of Maracaibo and communicate with he for that different people to express their problems and you solve these problems..

Hero movie

William Turner

My hero is William Turner ( Orlando Bloom),
why salvo his dad and what frees of Captain Davy Jones the owner of holandez Errante  but then things did not go as expected so that wil turner is sacrificed by his father and stabs the heart of davy jone with the help jack sparrow and Bootstrap Bill his father.

Heroes Personal

My Fatherts

My heroes are my fathers, they are very important for me.

My mom is studying accounting in university jose gregorio hernandez, does the cleaning house and has time for my dad, my sisters and for my.

My dad is police, he work too much for that never us miss nothin to my mom, my sisters and also my, he is strong, brave and admirable.

 Hero Cartoons


My hero Pucca why saves his love garu and his friends from their enemies and to the city when in danger

these are my heroes I invite you to make your own creations in English is funny and to learn, understand and comprehend this beautiful language.

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