jueves, 5 de julio de 2012

How's your memory? dreams

My memory

my childhood memories
remember that was very tremendous off girl always was breaking the ornaments of my grandmother and my sister was very Moaning but we had fun much.

My house my house always has been very big is of two floor in she live my fathers, my sister, my aunt, my cousins, my grandfathers and me.

my father is jose he always my slept in his chest when was smallest.
my mother is carmela
she's I singing for slept, played with me and always I toward laugh.
my sisters are karelys and karenys.
I have more confidence with karelys because she's more big and to me understood and my other sister is karenys she's small and is tremendous at sometimes drives me crazy but I the want much to she and my other sister.
my grandfather is jose The I taught with a blackboard mathematics.
my grandmother she is I taught to read and me consents.
my friends passed momentos agradables with they.
my food was the soup and always I filled all
my favorite toy were the barbies, ball and others
my music was infantil how barney, teletubbies, chichicuilote and don pepito and don jose
my vacations I liked travel for to perija to visit to grandfathers and merida.
My TV programs were the girl super powerful, tom y jerry, barney, cubito, the brother bananin and bananon, pokemon, candy candy and heidy
in my school I liked learning and share with my friends
in my high school in the last year I met my boyfriend tank to dios I'm with he and it  love much *-*

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