jueves, 5 de julio de 2012

poem for my dad

 My dad

 Jose G. Morillo
 My father is jose gregorio
he's a great man and excellent father, because it protects me of the people bad.
he's not very loving and caring but he me want to his way.
thank to he to me I never has missed nothing and although not shares much with me and my sisters we love you.

 to my dad likes play domino, dance, share with family, see sports and cook.
his dream are travel for the world with his family, have a better job and out forward.
lastly is important highlight that my father and I have something in common and is that the two we are fanatics the Aguilas of Zulia!!

 Happy day of dad

Father who guides you on track,
who lovingly teach their children,
working man of sacrifice,
he treats his family with affection.

Man with virtues and defects,
so big and huge heart.
What you learn to be with him,
I will remember all your life.

Always there when you need it
man you are big or small child,
it comforts you when you're sad,
I support the goals and dreams.

One teaching you when you do not know,
corrected when you're wrong,
intelligent and experienced,
gives life to have you at his side.

Rebuke you when you have strayed.
It softens and calms embracing.
Always suffers when you move away,
afraid of losing you and ends up crying.

Father who supports the household,
provides security in the distress.
Calls for respect for the teen,
but gives little tenderness.

No matter what gift you can do,
if not the affection that you can give,
with "I love you" with a hug,
really sweet and loving.

Especially today, it's your day,
I give you this poem,
I want to tell me that you have,
and that will always be my friend.

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